Peace Can be Found

By Sonya Carney The Masonic Home of Missouri’s Long-Term Financial Assistance Program helps clients stay safe and secure. The classic hymn, “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms,” brings to mind the strength found in a higher power that surrounds, comforts, and lifts us up when times are difficult. The three Principles of Freemasonry —Brotherly Love, Relief, […]

Father of the Masonic Home

By  Barbara  Ramsey “His high personal character commanded the respect of his brethren, and his genial good nature won their hearts. He was widely known as ‘John R.’ It is said that a friend once wrote him a letter and addressed it ‘John R., St. Louis, Mo.,’ and the letter reached him.” — PGM C. […]

Taking Care of Others

By Fran Patrick Generous support from donors provides bright spots in people’s lives. Do something for someone less fortunate than you — a phrase that we have all heard many times and a mission to be lived by. As a society, we look to those who lead to have a strong sense of self, a […]

Enjoying the 19th Hole

By Fran Patrick A golf lover with an advocate’s heart, Bill Bowser’s memory continues to live on through Legacy donation. It’s funny the little things we remember about a person. As time passes it can be the smallest of things that triggers a memory. For me, the yellow bucket my grandmother used in her composting […]