Widows Program

This program helps the Masonic Home stay connected to our honored Masonic Widows.

In Fiscal Year 2021, the Widows program touched more than 6,400 lives.

When the Masonic Home learns of a Masonic widow, she receives a special lapel pin and a widow’s card listing her late husband’s Masonic record, should she ever need assistance from the Masonic Home.

In addition, the Masonic Home maintains contact throughout the year with cards and issues of Masonic Outreach Magazine.

If you are a Missouri Masonic widow and have not been contacted by the Masonic Home, contact us at 800-434-9804.

“In our younger days we often struggled, but with the help of family, friends, church and others we have managed to do fairly well.  We give to the Masonic Home of Missouri as pay back for our good fortune and ‘pay-it-forward’ to help those who need assistance now and in the future.”

Billie and JoAnn Sullivan