Partnering To Honor

The Partnering To Honor (PTH) Program is a matching funds program that provides an opportunity for the Masonic Home and Lodges or Chapters to join together to help fund Honor Flights and care packages for veterans and active duty military personnel.

Two Ways for a Lodge or Chapter to receive up to $15,000 in matching funds during the Home's fiscal year:

Honor Flights

Honor Flights ( started in 2005 to help veterans visit their war memorials in Washington D.C. The Masonic Home is not affiliated with the Honor Flight Program, nor is the Masonic Home responsible for any aspect of the Honor Flight Program. The Masonic Home works only with Lodges and Chapters to help fund this program, so our deserving veterans can make the trip. If you are a veteran interested in the Honor Flight, please contact the Honor Flight Program in your area directly.

Care Packages

Lodges and Chapters can work with other organizations putting together care packages for veterans or active duty members serving overseas or in the United States. If a Lodge or Chapter wants to make a monetary donation to an organization for care packages, such as the VFW or American Legion, the matching funds must go toward specific items for the care packages and cannot go toward general operating expenses. 

Application Process:

The Masonic Home will match two dollars for every dollar raised by the Lodge or Chapter for a maximum of $45,000 per fiscal year. The CAP and PTH Programs each have an application that can be obtained from the Masonic Home’s website or by calling the office. After the application is approved, the Masonic Home will return to the Lodge or Chapter a check with the matching funds. Approved funds will be sent to the Lodge or Chapter payable to the designated 501(c)(3) organization. The Masonic Home will not reimburse Masonic Lodges, Chapters, or individuals of a Lodge or Chapter.

Once funds are donated, the Lodge or Chapter will be responsible for providing a copy of the receipt(s) and/or a letter from the organization showing how funds were spent. The Lodge or Chapter will not be able to make additional requests until all receipts are received.

All matching funds must be raised by the Lodge and/or Chapter, and the application must contain two members’ signatures, with one being either the Worshipful Master, Worthy Matron, Secretary, or Treasurer. The Lodge or Chapter must submit the application along with their matching funds to the Masonic Home.

Apply Today:

For more information or to begin the process of applying:

  • Call the Masonic Home of Missouri at (800) 434-9804 and request to speak to a Financial Assistance Caseworker to discuss your needs and specific situation.
  • Email
  • Download the application and fax or mail it to us.
    • Fax: (573) 814-4660
    • Mail: Masonic Home of Missouri 6033 Masonic Drive, Suite A Columbia, MO 65202
  • Send a message through our contact page form.