The Penny-A-Day (PAD) program began in 1974, when Lodges we asked to “pool their pennies” to help their brothers, sisters, widows and children in need. In 2016, Chapters began supporting the Masonic Home’s programs through the Penny-A-Day program as well.

New this year — the Penny-A-Day program now includes Dime-A-Day and Dollar-A-Day levels.

With only $3.65, $36.50, or $365.00 per year per member, this program is just one of the ways Lodges and Chapters can support the efforts of the Masonic Home and build membership within The Vincil Society.

Now, individual members who contribute can also be recognized through The Truman Club. Annual Truman Club membership begins with $100 per year, and, as your gifts add up over the years, you can join the various Society levels.

Secretaries – to submit Penny-A-Day contributions, please use the Lodge PAD Remittance and mail by August 31st of each year.

To order more stickers or if you have questions about the Penny-A-Day Program, please contact our Sr. Engagement & Major Gifts Officer at 800-434-9804.

Individuals – to receive individual credit for your Penny-A-Day contribution this year, submit directly to the Masonic Home via mail or online. Indicate “Penny-A-Day” in the comments.

Please consider supporting the Masonic Home through the Penny-A-Day Program at a new level, or anywhere in between. We appreciate and need your help.

Penny-a-Day stickers - Masonic Home of Missouri