The Power of the Collective

By Fran Patrick

From the first days of schoolroom math, we are shown that a positive number can be obtained by addition and/or multiplication. Take yourself back to that time in the classroom, and remember the proud feeling, or maybe relief you felt, as you raised your hand with the correct answer. So, let’s ask the question ­— how can we collectively support our members in need? 

RWB Gary Hinderks has a very clear answer as to why the Penny-A-Day Program (PAD) can be an impactful mission in which the membership can participate.

Upon becoming Secretary for his Lodge in 1977 (a mere 4 years after the inception of the Penny-A-Day Program), he received an old attaché case.

“If you picked it up the wrong way in haste, the whole thing opened, and all the contents were suddenly on the floor,” says Gary.” On one of those occasions, I discovered a narrow strip of paper with little round stickers that said ‘Penny-A-Day.’ Masonry teaches by symbols, and, to me, the ‘Penny-A-Day’ is an important symbol constantly reminding us in the most tender manner the importance of charity.” 

Established in 1974, The Penny-A-Day Program was created when Lodges were asked to “pool their pennies” to help their members in need. In 2016, Chapters also began utilizing the program to offer support to the Masonic Home. Nearly 50 years in, the support is still there. While the value of a penny is no longer the same, the value in helping is. With the expansion of the program to include Dime-A-Day and Dollar-A-Day levels, there is an increased opportunity to provide additional mission support along with a greater recognition for your contribution.

At an individual level, contributions will count toward Truman Club memberships beginning at $100 per year. These members are invited to the annual Truman Club dinner, as well as regional events around the state. 

At the Lodge and Chapter level, all donations made as a Penny-A-Day, Dime-A-Day, or Dollar-A-Day will be included In the Lodge or Chapter’s Vincil Society contribution as well.

Currently, 47% of Lodges and Chapters participate in the program. This number reflects the Masonic mission to support its members, but the question still remains for us to raise our hands and answer: Can we increase this number? The answer is a simple math equation …

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